As for intimate relationships, there are signs by which you can easily recognize a man who thinks only of himself:

He does not take seriously the woman’s requests for foreplay. He considers it a waste of time and even kisses as if he is being forced.

He loves oral sex, but does not give the partner such pleasure, even if she really wants it.

Insists that the pose will be exactly as he wishes. If a woman is uncomfortable in her, she can endure for the sake of her beloved.

He quickly reaches orgasm, and if the girl did not have time to “catch up” – these are her difficulties. When a man who thinks only of himself has finished the process, he gets dressed and leaves or turns away and falls asleep.

He comments on the girl’s actions in bed, which, in his opinion, she is doing wrong.

He makes the chosen one have sex with him

He does not consider any of the points presented above a deviation from the norm. He feels good, and that’s quite enough. He is not going to have conversations on such topics with his companion