Man is a rational being, but there is no escape from instincts. The protection of their territory by animals is a natural and necessary process. In the human world, this process is accompanied by the concept of jealousy. We will tell you what jealousy is and how to deal with it in this article. Both women and men are subjected to it.

In both cases, the feeling of jealousy is clearly destructive. The owner will sooner or later bring his relationship to ruin, because love is a fragile feeling. Female jealousy is usually a more sophisticated process than male jealousy. According to statistics, the percentage of women who periodically experience doubts about the loyalty of a partner is slightly lower than among men. This conclusion was made not so long ago on the basis of a large-scale sociological study of the American professor David Fredrick. For many, this fact will come as a surprise. But it has a reasonable explanation based on the theory of evolution and the history of human development. A man cannot be sure of his paternity for sure. On the contrary, a woman always knows that she is the mother. This is due to the fact that men are more likely to be jealous. This also explains the differences in the very attitude to the concept of fidelity among representatives of different sexes. Women are more afraid that their partner is thinking about others. For the weaker sex, psycho-emotional union is much more important than physical union. With strong emotional attachment, a woman knows that she and her offspring are protected by the “male”.