One of the brightest delusions in matters of devotion and love is the belief that jealousy is an obligatory attribute of harmonious love relationships. If you are not jealous, then your partner doesn’t care.

But this statement is wrong. Especially if you don’t want to find out why the girl is jealous! Statistical observations and social studies have long proven that jealousy directly depends on the level of independence and mental stability. The more self-sufficient a woman is, the less she is inclined to arrange scenes of jealousy.

The degree of upbringing also strongly influences a woman’s behavior. If a girl developed a psychological trauma in childhood (for example, her father cheated on her mother “), then in adulthood she will not start to trust men unconditionally.

In such a situation, a woman is a volcano that erupts at every, even insignificant, occasion. Such ladies can arrange an epic scene of jealousy at any time and under any circumstances.

Let’s say a man celebrates his birthday with family, friends and colleagues in a restaurant. Now comes the turn of congratulations from a school friend. She utters touching words, gives a gift and kisses a friend on the cheek. Here it is, a clear reason to throw a grand scene.

Jealous people are unable to control their emotions and reason wisely. They cannot be stopped by the fact that their beloved is having a holiday, and there are a lot of guests nearby. A fit of jealousy can be accompanied by foul language and even end with assault.

Situations equivalent to the above are often accompanied by owners. Love cannot explain such behavior. Pathological female jealousy is an indication to seek help from a psychologist. All about the psychology of jealousy and how to deal with it can be found in our article.