How to show that you are free?


I cannot call myself an artist; but still I paint my dreams. I cannot say that I am a writer, but I am still writing a novel of my life.

Deep down, each of us knows ourselves – and I am ready to share my world with those who appreciate it.

You can upset me. But you can’t play with me.

The most important component of my beauty is great character.

Yes, sometimes I have bad days. But I deal with everything with my smile.

Threesome lover? No, if I want to disappoint two, I’d rather have dinner with my parents.

Don’t ask to “send some photos”. Better feed me, cheer me up and then undress – be a man, after all.

In fact, even 500 girls can’t match me in wit. So for now, just look at my photos.

You ask why I am on this site? I want to date your dad, kid.

Your parents will love me. And the neighbors are not.