Show yourself


Account updates “Masha V 2.0”: minor character bugs fixed; response to messages is accelerated; added a new bikini photo; English-speaking support is set up.

Let’s be honest: my bikini photo doesn’t mean I’m looking for long-term relationships or friends.

Your friends will hate me because I will control every detail of your life.

I am a designer from the capital who loves to drink and draws a lot, a lot. Yes, not quite an ordinary person.

If you can eat more McDonald’s hamburgers than I do, I promise to make you happy. But this is unlikely.

I don’t get emotionally attached after sex.

If you can’t handle me, you better leave, because I always behave horribly.

I know where you think. But I’m still afraid that you will explode with excitement at the sight of me.

I will console you if you have problems in your relationship with your mom.

Do you like protein shakes? You have half a brain in your head, so how much muscle is there? Doing squats while in the gym at three in the morning? Write – you are the one I’m looking for.